Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MY 100th POST

I know I have been slack in the blogging area lately but I realized my 100th post was next and I wanted time to sit down and do the 100 random facts about me post. Here it goes......

1. I am 35 years old
2. I am left handed
3. I am 5 foot 1
4. I say my prayers every night
5. I love my family
6. My children are truly a gift from God
7. I talk to my mom every day, even on vacation
8. I wish I were super skinny again
9. My grandmother is 94
10. I love music (see music player at bottom for favorites)
11. I have a great husband- love him bunches
12. I have been married 11 years
13. My hair has been every color under the rainbow
14. I love to wear Rainbow flip flops
15. I love Louis Vuitton bags
16. I love Chanel shoes and bags
17. I believe my house is haunted
18. I have one brother who is over six foot tall (he stole my height)
19. I was a evil teenager
20. I am super funny about food
21. I worry to much
22. I got married on Valentines Day
23. In Charleston
24. I love fashion and clothing
25. I am a bit OCD
26. I like the movie Eyes Wide Shut
27. I love my Volvo - Volvo for life
28. I was once shot in the face with a bow and arrow
29. I am a Virgo
30. I am scared of vomit, vomiting, and the stomach flu
31. I am a germ freak because of the above
32. I only drink decaf tea
33. I love Halloween
34. Fall is my favorite season
35. I love my kids with all of my heart
36. I have four cats
37. Wednesday
38. Salem
39. Morticia
40. Cat Dog
41. I love my parents
42. Pizza - yummy
43. Ice Cream - yummy
44. I am learning to let others help
45. Fleetwood Mac is my favorite group
46. My mother in law is Martha re-born
47. I like rain
48. I like Builtmore House
49. We went to Mexico on our honeymoon
50. I think everyone should be nice
51. Mean people really do suck
52. I wish I could meet Lilly Pulitzer
53. I am a Led Zeppelin fan
54. I pick my face
55. I have received a Madame Alexander doll at Christmas, for years
56. I love White Lake
57. The North Carolina coast rocks
58. I think in a past life I lived in Savannah
59. I love a good deal
60. I want to speak Spanish
61. I want to learn piano
62. I want to read the entire Bible
63. I am a night owl
64. I am grumpy in the morning
65. My closet is organized by color
66. I have sold over 600 items on eBay
67. This is hard
68. I like my black and tan mom clothes
69. Crazy people fascinate me
70. I was stuck up in High School and I am ashamed of it
71. I like gum
72. Enjoy naps
73. I want to be a decorator / organizer
74. Being a stay at home mom is the hardest job I have ever had
75. Being a stay at home mom is the best job I have ever had
76. My hubby spoils me
77. That makes me happy
78. I dislike sports
79. My house is either spotless or trashed, no in between
80. My daughter is named after a member of Fleetwood Mac and my uncle
81. My husband dislikes my cooking
82. The meat department of the supermarket scares me
83. I have white coat syndrome
84. Anything preppy is good
85. I am making a mommy's boy out of my son
86. I don't care
87. Kids are only little once
88. I think society forces children to grow up to fast
89. I do the same things before bed every night
90. My hair guy rocks
91. If my hair does not look good I will be in a bad mood
92. I like to read
93. I am a shopping addict
94. I like to help others
95. I use to much hand sanitizer
96. My husband and I have known each other since 1991
97. We dated, took a four year break, found each other again and married
98. I read to many blogs
99. Number 98. does not help my insomnia
100. This has been fun


Love Being a Nonny said...'s my 100th post too and I also did 100 things about me. Come check out my giveaway!!! happy 100!!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

We have lots of things in common.