Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No more bad dreams

My children complain of bad dreams. No amount of talking and explaining helped. They feed off of the others complaints. Problem solved, "the dream catcher". I know they are tacky to look at and I found the smallest ones possible but they believe in them and they have helped. Both children have four poster beds and I just slid it down one of the post. So my advice to any mom's dealing with the excuse of bad dreams (to get in the bed with mommy) is to try this method. It has helped tremendously at my house. Baby boy did tell me today that sometimes he just "had" to get in my bed because his dreams were so big that they would not fit through the catcher.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Random things I need to say

I have several random things to talk about.

1. I accidentally deleted my blog list. I needed to update anyway so I will be doing that soon.

2. My buddy over at Preppy-Coastee-Mommy is having her first giveaway so make sure and check her out.

3. My sweet Mommy got me a prize today. These GREAT Chanel sunglasses. Thank you Mom...(Hubby said I looked like a bug with them on but what does he know)

4. Why would Noggin (kids television channel) have a show called "Toot and Puddle"? You don't even want me to go there. Yes, the pigs are cute but their names remind me of what happens in the bathroom.


As I posted several days ago, we have had more strep in this household that you could shake a stick at...Lulu has had it twice (since February) Hubby and I both had it last weekend and wouldn't you know it Lulu started running a fever again last night. Off to the Doctor on a Saturday Morning and of course, she has it again....I mentioned to the Doctor that Baby Boy was yet to get it but had a nasty infected toe that started out as a ingrown toe nail. Doc. inspects the toe and immediately prepares to do a strep test on him. Baby boy was less that thrilled that he was getting a strep test as Sissy's doctors appointment. Keep in mind Baby Boy is fine and dandy and in the process of destroying the doctors office. Well, wouldn't you know it....Baby Boy has strep....So, he is either a carrier or a symptom less child. Either way he is our culprit...He is the one that has been sharing his strep and we did not even realize it. He also has a strep toe. In case you did not realize it, the feet are prime target for strep to venture into and cause a infection. Gross....Now both children are on antibiotics, I finish mine tomorrow and Hubby just opted for the shot last week. Keep your fingers crossed that this will rid our house of this nasty strep....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Paddy's Madness

I had two of the CUTEST outfits for my children to wear today. LuLu in a green shamrock dress with bows on the shoulders (think of the Valentines dress) and Baby Boy in a authentic Ireland rugby. I made them stand still and got lots of cute shots using my NEW camera. Well, guess what, I do not know how to work my new camera very well and took all of the shots as videos. No photos to put on the blog. I am so mad, I have tried everything I can think of and there will just be no photos from St Paddy's Day. Since I have no cute kid photos of today I will just leave you with some nice green clover.

Twenty little toes

I found a cool site that features people's feet in various locations. the-gypsy-feet.blogspot.com
Check out "Oh Carolina" for my favorite twenty piggies.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Round and Round and Round we go and where Mr. Strep throat stops nobody knows...I just want him out of my house...Baby Girl (several times this year) then Hubby and now me. I will be back as soon as this wheel of strep leaves, I finish "The Devil in the Junior League" and get my household back in order. I have a lot to say, just give me a few days.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hello Mr. Dorito's

Hello Mr. Dorito's, I just fell off of my diet plan because of you and ate you along with 21 of your friends. Thanks a bunch, now I must deal with the guilt. Plus you have made my belly ache. No you were not worth it. I will not give in to your tempting ways again. So take your fat grams and MSG and know that you will not tempt me again...Ha, Ha, Ha.....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I cannot STAND for my floors to be dirty and all of this snow and slush makes them very hard to keep clean. My children are doing a pretty good job with shoe removal but hubby brought home dirty wet feet tonight and this just really put me in a bad mood.....I think I will purchase everyone in the household a pair of these.....

Monday, March 2, 2009


It snowed and snowed and snowed last night, YIPPEE...