Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beach Review - part one

We left this town, we left this town, we left this town with tremendous speed....(remember the book mom) We were off to the North Carolina Coast. Our trip started with a short overnight stay in Wilmington with friends. We ate and talked until late into the night and the children ran in circles...The next day we headed off to a cozy spot between Emerald Isle and Atlantic beach. Our cute cottage backed up to the golf course and was between the sound and the ocean. In this segment I will include some random beach photos of the family but check back soon for more details on the rest of our week...


Lulu informed me today that Martha was booooooring......We may have to move from redneckville very soon to prevent any further damage....

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Note to all mothers: A standard garage door WILL support the weight of a 33 pound 4 year old. It WILL pull them up 3 to 4 feet into the air........You WILL panic upon turning to see this happen.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


We attended a wedding on July the fourth. Both of the kiddos were in the wedding party. I was excited about this because it was a nice change from the usual fireworks and overeating we do on the fourth.

This was a really neat wedding, the couple used some unique ideas and that too was as refreshing as the date.

The venue itself was really cool with old creaky hardwoods, and a old uptown feel. The brides dress was made from silk her dad picked up while he was in India. It was gorgeous...As the grooms men came into the ceremony "the boys are back in town" played. Great comic relief from the standard uptight entrance usually made. The parents read poems, they wrote their own vows, and sealed a time capsule.

While the wedding party had photos, appetizers were served and guest mingled. After the bride and groom entered dinner was served. Then came a night of dancing. Baby boy snagged the garter because all the other single guys had their hands in their pockets. The cake was yummy and had the years they had been together on each layer. My children danced them selfs silly.

Some of the center pieces were fish in unusual glass bowls. Needless to say we now have "Lightening" and "Isabella" the fish living at our house. As the happy couple made their great escape sparklers were lit and used to wave them away. It was all a lot of fun....