Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Germ freaks DON"T do poopie water

The words no mother ever wants to hear "momma, momma it sploded" (exploded) I knew it was not good....I was lead to the hall bathroom where poopie water was flowing freely from the toilet. Nasty poopie water all over my bathroom about half a inch deep. I just shut the door and pretended like it never happened. I sat in the office for about fifteen minutes and thought about what to do. GERM FREAKS DO NOT LIKE POOPIE WATER. After mustering up a plan I gathered old towels hubby uses to wash the car, several trash bags, and a old mop and I tackled it with trash bags tied around my legs and a gallon of Clorox. Now my nose and eyes burn from Clorox fumes and I have scrubbed until I am sweating like a pig.....This was NOT in the mommy job description......

Sunday, May 24, 2009

To old to party

Years ago Hubby and I could party till the cows came home but these days if we do we pay dearly. Four in the morning is way to late to go to bed if you are thirty five years old. Saturday night we attended a GREAT Memorial Day / Anniversary party. Below is Hubby, Kelly and Carrie, view of inside the tent, and Clint and Hubby. Good food, good drink, good times, but feeling sad on Sunday.

A toenail and the Tooth Fairy

Remember the strep toenail Baby Boy had awhile back? The strep is all cleared up but where it had invaded the toenail it caused the nail itself to start to fall off. Baby Boy wined and complained for about a week because it "wiggled". Saturday he came running to the kitchen and said "hey mom, I picked my toenail off, ya think the Tooth Fairy will leave me anything for it"? I thought I would die laughing. I told him no the Tooth Fairy did not do toenails and to throw that nasty thing away. Good try Baby Boy....He is always up to something and like I have said before he is so darn sneaky. Below are some recent photos of him that portray his personality. I especially like him in his sisters recital costume as a penguin and as a Teletubbie in Lulu's doll stroller.

Recital Time

Last weekend was Lulu's recital. She was in the Peppermint Twist for tap and a Penguin in the "big" ballet. She did so good and we are very proud of her. Of course being the spoiled child that she is, she got lots of prizes for her performance. Nonna and Paw Paw got her a tap shoe charm for her charm bracelet and flowers, money from aunt and uncle, flowers and the Lilly Pulitzer activity book from us. She just ate it all up.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I like these, and no, they have no secret messages that I am trying to convey. I just think they are both fun. Sorry about the f bomb in the last one.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crazy Busy and more random things

This time of the year things really start kicking with the end of school fast approaching. It seems like I have had a million things to do this week. Sorry about the inactive blogging. I will catch up soon but until then I will leave you with more random crap.

1. I love the cereal above...it's good, try it...

2. Why does it cost so much for a 7 year old to take dance? (we are talking hundreds for recital time)

3. "The Boss" was good..... I am still throwing darts at hubby about Fleetwood Mac.

4. I have an addiction to the game Pathwords on Facebook.

5. I am going to play it now.....

Friday, May 1, 2009


Hubby won ticket to see Bruce Springsteen tomorrow night. I will take it as a good date night, good quality time with hubby. I must say one thing though, (and it's goina get ugly) Why in the hell couldn't they have been FLEETWOOD MAC TICKETS??????? I will stop now and go back to normal programing. Sorry but I had to get that off my chest. I guess now I will just sit here and wait on my Rolex.....