Monday, August 3, 2009


Lulu and Morticia
Two sleeping Princesses
Cat Dog
Morticia, Wednesday & Salem
Morticia in Lilly
Salem & Wednesday
I will be taking a brief break from vacation posts to blog about my cat's. There will be more vacation news shortly but I just need to vent about my four little furry friends. We are the proud owners of four cats. Hubby dislikes every single hair on all four of their littles body's. They all feel the same about him. What brings me to this post is that today we found out that Wednesday has diabetes. Yes, now I have a diabetic cat....I did not even realize that cats got diabetes. If you are reading this and have a diabetic cat please reply to this post and let me know how things are working out for you because this all sounds tricky to me. Here is a short personality and history on our furry friends.

1. Cat Dog : The oldest. Old as the hills. Lives outside and protects our front porch. Got his name because he is a cat the size of a small dog. His greatest mission is to gain access into our garage and house. Loves to make the garage door open and shut. Used as a outside toy for our children. Very sweet and loving. Has occasional bouts with congestive heart failure related issues. He is yellow in color.

2. Wednesday : 11 years old. Now my diabetic insulation dependent buddy. This cat is MINE. She tolerates the children and hubby but prefers me to anyone. She is a inside house cat. She was once mistakenly locked in a outside storage building for two weeks in the heat of summer and walked out alive. She has a obsession with dirty clothing and will drag them ALL over the house daily. She knows her name and comes when called. She WILL bite. My advice to people is to leave her alone. She will now be getting a daily shot of insulation and special diet. She will NOT be happy about this and I may loose a arm and be shredded to bits. She is costing us an arm and a leg.. (maybe I could offer the vet the ones she is getting ready to rip off). She is vomiting all over my house as I type because her little body is not used to the insulin. In my opinion she is worth every penny (just don't ask for Hubby's) Wednesday acts like our other inside cats are stupid and beneath her time and attention. She is a yellow Main Coon.

3. Salem : 3 years old. Lives inside. My mother swears we do not own a cat named Salem because nobody EVER lays eyes on her but us. She WILL always hide when company arrives. She also belongs to me. She sleeps curled up with me nightly. Her and cat number four (Morticia) are buddies and like to aggravate number 2 with silly games and hostile take downs. Cats 3 & 4 groom each other daily. She attends every single bathroom break I take and demands to be petted while I sit on the potty. She is very down to earth. She is as black as night.

4. Princess Morticia : 2 years old. Lives inside. This cat REALLY believes she is a princess. She belongs to Lulu and lives in her room. She ONLY likes Lulu. She wears specially made Lilly Pulitzer dresses. She believes she is to good to use a litter box and prefers to sneak and use the rugs any chance she gets. She believes her behind is to good for cat litter and likes the soft touch of my rugs.... Lulu is allowed to do anything she likes with this cat, dress her up, push her in a carriage, and so on. If cat's could speak she would tell the rest of us to go to hell daily. She has that look on her face every time she runs into anyone other than Lulu. She sleeps on Lulu's bed and loves and kneads on her covers and blankets. Her and cat number 3 are partners in crime and like to sabotage number 2 . She is a Blue Point Himalayan.

All of them are half crazy......but I love them....

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Preppy Coastee said...

hahahah mike always says "Miiiike do you want to see my cat Morticiaaaaa" and he sounds 100 % like Lulu~!! xoxox