Sunday, May 24, 2009

A toenail and the Tooth Fairy

Remember the strep toenail Baby Boy had awhile back? The strep is all cleared up but where it had invaded the toenail it caused the nail itself to start to fall off. Baby Boy wined and complained for about a week because it "wiggled". Saturday he came running to the kitchen and said "hey mom, I picked my toenail off, ya think the Tooth Fairy will leave me anything for it"? I thought I would die laughing. I told him no the Tooth Fairy did not do toenails and to throw that nasty thing away. Good try Baby Boy....He is always up to something and like I have said before he is so darn sneaky. Below are some recent photos of him that portray his personality. I especially like him in his sisters recital costume as a penguin and as a Teletubbie in Lulu's doll stroller.

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Preppy Coastee said...

hahahaha i love the penguin picture! so funny, SO HIM!!!!!!!