Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas and New Years update (just a bit late)

Things have been hectic, you know the routine, take down all of the Christmas decor, clean out toys to make room for all the new ones, clean house and generally just get back into the swing of things. This year all of these task seem to have taken forever. Procrastination because of perfectionism is one of my BIG problems.

The holidays were wonderful and I am truly blessed. I have great family and friends and even got along with the In Laws this year. (apparently it was my Sister in Laws turn to be a problem with the MIL this year)

News Years Eve was also fun, we hosted a small party of close friends of my parents and played cards until 1:00 am or so.

The photo above is of the Christmas morning "blow up". Lulu got her pink DS and baby boy got all the usual boy trucks, cars and legos. (plus a ton of other various things to make sure they were spoiled just a little more).


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I was just catching up on my blog reading & OMG we have the same couch!!! I saw it on a tv show one time too! Good taste.

Misty said...

Love this set, I really don't think it could be harmed unless someone sat it on fire. Love the fact that you can through the covers in the wash.