Friday, November 21, 2008


I may be to far down south to make it to the sale BUT, I have a great friend who went today and gave me the play by play over the cell...Sounds like she got some great deals (with a few for me, of course). Lots of love to all who live close enough to attend-I'm so jealous.


Mona said...

At least you got the cell play-by-play, the next best thing to being there!
I just stumbled onto your blog. It's hysterical!

preppycoastee101 said...

heyyyyyy your talking about me and hey look... it is me! i finally made one of these!

still cant figure out how to add people!!

add me :)

i'm so glad you have biscuit are never boring; i love her blog. she came up on google when i was looking up information on the lilly warehouse sale.

went back today to get you and another good friend whose baby is turning 2 on tuesday swim trunks... they were all gone for little boys they just had the mens. :( Mike got two polo's and matching swim trunks to the ones I got Carter last night but the polos were still 29 bucks and the swim trunks were 30. Still price to me... i said THESE ARE CHRISTMAS PRESENT; lol...

Your so coming next year!!