Thursday, October 2, 2008


Tonight as I sat and read my favorite blogs I noticed a lot of political talk and views on the coming election. I think thats great because I feel that on a blog you should be able to say anything and everything you feel and desire. Go for it, let it all out, debate about this election all you would like. As for myself, I am going to endorse and vote Republican but keep my blog fun filled and light hearted. I do deal with the same issues and views that most of you are concerned about and I do care about them greatly. My blog is a creative spot for me and at this time in my life I just want my blog to be fun. The world has enough negative comments and worry so on my little spot here on the computer I am goina have fun. Now like I said earlier, this does not mean I do not care but I have made my mind up on who I will be voting for and will leave any debating to another venue. So tomorrow I will be back to Halloween.

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