Monday, October 13, 2008

Baby boy makes first purchase on ebay

This morning I found a pair of Lelli Kelly tennis shoes on ebay that I wanted for Lulu. My maximum bid was 20.06. I placed my bid and went on about my day. (leaving the screen up so I could check it later) Baby boy was playing in my office but I took little notice and next thing I knew he was playing one of his games on the computer. Later I checked my bid and I had won the shoes for 36.00. I got worried that I was losing what little is left of my mind. Even considered that maybe our resident ghost was playing tricks for Halloween. Talked to ebay , no help and still no clue. Later I decided to check my deleted emails and found a bid confirmation where my maximum bid was 25,588.00. Baby boy is very good on the computer and can point and click, change screens and start his own games, AND apparently, buy his sister shoes. She is excited and even thanked him at dinner. I have got to watch this little boy, he is sneaky. He will be four next month and is full of energy and mischief. The included photo really captures his personality.


Tickled Pink And Green said...

I hear ya. My little one is quite the little sneaky one. Gotta keep my eye out on her!

The Doctor's Wife said...

OMG. That is hilarious!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

My little boy will be 4 in Dec. & he sounds ALOT like yours! But he sure does have his Mommy's heart. Shhh! Don't tell his sisters!