Sunday, September 28, 2008

I made it

I survived my weekend stay at the In-Laws house. No major issues and everyone hugged when we left. Woosh, that was an accomplishment. Everything in their house is always so very perfect, and we made it through the weekend and nothing was broken, nobody vomited on the white bed linens that sit upon stark white carpets. I did take some random photos to share. First, baby boy who I had to force to sit near the pumpkins, LuLu (with the braids) and first cousin in the soy bean field. A really cool garden spider, and a new addition to the Mother in Laws gate that I thought looked good. I am proud of myself I behaved almost the whole weekend. One big smile for me.


Kerri said...

Nothing wrong with redneck-ville as long as you bring a little prep to the colony.

Enjoyed the blog.


Anonymous said...
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AJD said...

Your littles are so adorable! Fabulous snapshots! Love your blog!